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Help I need to find a game!

Level 2
Hi all, I am looking for a game that is set in Japan. The most time I got to spend in vr Japan was in google maps! Is there any game out there that has a setting in Japan?

Level 15

If you like action, then Sairento VR is what you need:

There's also a Japanese series called Wedding VR. There's 3 of them, here's one

Level 2
Thank you! But I was sort of looking for a game that takes place in a more Modern Japan. It's been a dream of mine to travel to Japan so I was looking for something to simulate travel and life there. Sairent VR looks like a blast although, defiantly going to check it out! 

Level 15
If you are okay with video, there are a bunch of 360 clips of Japan on YouTube. Just search "Japan 360" there are lots of hits. Not sure if you can play on Rift directly, but if you download the videos I believe you can play with Oculus Video or any number of 3rd party video player apps.
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