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Herobound - need some help - want to complete it.

Level 2
Hi all

I really love the game herobound.. love it love it! But now I am stuck. I finished the two worlds left and right. Now I am in the third world, stuck at this square room with a circular platform in the lava. in the ceiling are 4 pointy things... you can shoot at them.. they will go from red to green or other way around.. (note: sometimes they dont work?) Now on this platform appear some monsters.. some of those skelletons and those sort of round "mushroomheads" i call them. But after you kill these... two of those larger skeletons appear.... well with a little extra effort, i managed to kill these too.. but then two more and then even two more appear.. How to kill these?? Every time I get at that point, i'm already halfway through my health.. so eventually i get killed every time... 😞 I can't pass this room and I really want to continue and finish the rest of this beautiful game!

Who has any tips or tricks on how to do this????

The following works best for me and made me come the fartest... but still i cant kill all the monsters: I do the "normal monsters" with my sword. Then when the big ones appear, i switch to my bow and arrow, and jump/roll around trying to keep shooting them and at the same time avoiding their "rays"..... Is this the way to do it?

Oh and jumping is actually not really recommended... can make you jump over the ledge in to the lava by accident 😉

Thanks for any tips or help

Level 2
I have got the same problem, when I solve it I will let you know or did you solve it already and can you help me?