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Hoasca VR - Psychedelic Enhancer

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Hi everyone!
My name is Mateus , i want to show a demo of a experience we are developing here at Beyond tech Games.
This "game" is called "HOASCA VR ", it was designed to improve psychedelic trips or simulate psychedelic trips

Here is the gameplay of the game of the old version of the game (dk1)

You can download the beta here:

DropBox :

Here are some screenshots :


Some background :

Back in the virtual reality hype of 90’s i thought it would be wonderful to use psychedeldics and be immersed in a virtual environments.
In the past decade i read a lot about the use of virtual reality as a medium of generating psychedelic experiences or to enhance these experiences. Great authors like Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna wrote extensively on this topic.
Back in 90’s they even created a term to describe the interaction of virtual reality and psychdeleics, the term is CYBERDELICS, you can learn more about it in this wikipedia article

When i discovered the OCULUS RIFT and saw how great it was i rushed to find a “game” to help improve Psychedeleic experienices, and unfortunately i found nothing, so i decided to create a game for this purpose .

Basically, Hoasca VR is a experience made for psychedelic drug users who want to embrace this new technology to improve their Psychedeleic experiences.

*VERY IMPORTANT : WE DISENCOURAGE THE USE OF DRUGS TO PLAY THIS GAME BY THOSE WHO ARE NOT USERS OF PSYCHEDELIC ALREADY. SO IF YOU ARE NOT A PSYCHEDELIC DRUG USER, DON'T USE IT JUST TO PLAY THIS GAME. This is suitable for experienced psychonauts (eg:a person who actively explores the psyche through the use psychedelic drugs. See :

This project is a experiment in consciousness. We want to know how much a virtual environment can
enhance a alterated state of mind.

Back in 60’s investigators of psychedelic drugs stated that SET AND SETTING greatly influenced the psychedelic experience.
*SET describes the mental state a person brings to the experience, like thoughts, mood and expectations
*SETTING is the environment in which this experience happens.
We are working to give the best virtual SETTING for the user.


This game is in very early stage of development, and maybe its not yet FULLY perfected to improve psychedelic experiences but we want to work hard on this to give the perfected envoriements to improve these experiments.
We want a feedback and sugestions from users to make this game always better.
While developing the game we felt like entering a uncharted territory, since the is no VIRTUAL REALITY game for this purpose.



This looks like it was lifted right out of the "Church of the Rift" thread:

Downloading now. Looking forward to playing with this...

Hmm... This game discourages using it WITHOUT psychoactive drugs. Interesting... Did you actually follow your own advice while testing all six introductory psychoactive substance selections in the opening menu?

Interesting... I guess I will break the rules to test it straight up with an unbent mind... Oh well... 😉

Okay, I ran it. An interesting collection of little "algorithmic art" tech demos of the sort I love to make. I get a lot of enjoyment out of that sort of thing, as you can see from my posts in the "Church of the Rift" thread linked above, and various psychedelic demos I did for the eink Kindles at another website.

I am looking forward to seeing more of this kind of thing in the future. Thanks!

A video feedback (like the Tom Baker Dr. Who intro) effect may make a cool animation for this sort of environment, like I did in my "bump" demo (not Riftified):
nateight had this to say about that video feedback demo:
I think that type of effect would be cool in your Rift VR world. 😄

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I enjoyed this! Liking what I see so far, thanks!
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Nice man!

I always wondered if you could actually *induce* a psychedelic experience using VR. I mean, even something as simple as a strobe light can have an effect on your perception. Would be interesting if people could get high just using VR.
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Absolutely brilliant! I Love it! 🙂
Now if you really want to get into some crazy stuff, pay attention to my reply below. 😉

"cybereality" wrote:
Nice man!

I always wondered if you could actually *induce* a psychedelic experience using VR. I mean, even something as simple as a strobe light can have an effect on your perception. Would be interesting if people could get high just using VR.

When I was in my early 20's I had made it my Life mission to pioneer the first true 'digital drug'. I had the idea that I would build myself an EEG and run my experiment thusly: Willing participants would be subdivided by categories such as age, sex, and personality type, as well as the frequency and type of drug use, health history, medications they are currently on, and whatever other relative control variables one could think of.
Participants would then undergo a week detoxification period and have some baseline measurements recorded by the EEG in different 'regular' environments (doing nothing, listening to music, watching various shows on tv, etc.); Then after another couple of days of being clean they would be subjected to an entheogenic substance of my choice (eg, LSD, Psilocybin, DMT, Salvinorin A, etc.) in a controlled environment (my bedroom :lol:, make alterations as necessary), while I would then record all brain activity through the duration of the subjects 'high'.
I would repeat this again after another week long detox record them with the same dosage, but this time while doing the 'normal' activities I had them do in phase 2 of the experiment. I would then make the comparisons between the data and attempt to discover which areas of brain activity corresponded to what part of their trip, etc.
(I had lofty ideals when I was young 😉 :lol:)

I then surmised that after another slightly longer detox period (perhaps a month or so to help ease any previous anxiety they may have had throughout the previous phase, as well as give me a chance to approximate my data) I would have the subjects return, hook them up to the EEG and subject them to various simultaneous objective sensory stimuli (lights, colors, touch, pictures, sounds, tastes; use your imagination 🙂 ) while attempting to 'hone in' on the same brain activity I had recorded previously while the subject was under the influence, in an attempt to imbue their brain with a sort of a 'flashback' (minus the need for previous drug use, other than that of the experiment of course) that would result in them having a full on experience virtually indistinguishable from the one caused by the drug.
I would then try to average out which stimuli had what effect on what kind of person etc, and develop software in which one could input certain variables (like those mentioned before) and 'fine tune' the experience to suit their needs. 🙂

I am aware that since it's inception in my mind all those years ago some people have tried a similar approach with the advent of 'binaural beats', but sound is limited in it's ability to influence the mind and I think that perhaps VR would provide just enough sensory stimulation to make the idea more feasible.
Of course, one would need many test subjects, a whole lot of time, and boatloads of money wouldn't hurt either; But hey, when you are a 20 year old guy sitting on a couch staring at his PC with nothing but time on your hands and a big fat doobie in your lungs, you think up some interesting shit man!! :lol:
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Hey Mateuszica,

Cool demo! I really liked #5 "the kaleidoscope tunnel" part. To me it shows the strongest potential to simulate a strong visual trip. However good as it is there is couple suggestions I hope you can include to make it more user friendly to someone tripping.

1. When you first press #5 key make it so the center of the tunnel is whatever way you are looking. So if you are laying on your back then you would see the center of the tunnel in the direction above you. Just seems like a good idea since people like to trip laying down sometimes.

2. Make it so you can keep moving forward without holding down the"w" key. Moving through the tunnel is the fun part and would be much easier with a auto-move key, just press it once and away you go. After all, someone stoned might barely know what planet they are on so it could be best to put moving on auto pilot.

3. After you move through several different stages you come to a black circle and it is the end of the tunnels. Instead of ending create an infinite loop where you get to the last tunnel and restart back at the first. That way it never ends.

4. Make it so you can vary the speed you move through the tunnels. Maybe hit < or > or the arrows to change speed you are moving. Even a slow, medium, and fast preset would do the job nicely.

In all it has amazing trip potential but with these changes you could end up with the worlds most mind-blowing trip software demo. To be completely honest these changes would be useful so I could use it for a lucid dreaming induction technique I posted in another thread. It could work good as it is but with the changes it would be tailor made for what I have in mind. I'll repost the technique here in case someone wants to use your demo and try the experiment also. Just use the demo for step 3:


If anyone here is interested in achieving a lucid dream then here is an experiment you may want to give a try.

1. While lying down and going to bed at your at your normal time set your alarm to awaken after 5 hours.

2. After the alarm goes off get out of bed but stay relaxed by not doing anything to cause excess stimulation. (no caffeine, no exercise, etc.)

3. Stay up for 30-60 minutes. During this time wear your Rift. Choose something peaceful yet make sure it is something very busy so there is so much going on that your mind is overwhelmed and can't keep track of everything going on around you. Avoid games and such that give a specific task, rather stick to a demo that has you doing nothing except moving around. You want to pay attention to your entire surroundings without focusing on anything rather than focus in one area like a game would require. (for this demo just watch the center of the tunnel while soaking in all of the scene in your peripheral vision)

4. Go back to bed and go to sleep for at least 3 more hours while maintaining the intention of noticing anything unusual that happens while dreaming!

Perform this routine for every other day. If you do it everyday you becomes accustomed to the odd sleep schedule and it ruins its effectiveness.

If enough of you try it then I can almost guarantee some of you will experience intense lucid dreams or out-of-body experiences. It is a variation of a technique I have used since 1989 to achieve hundreds of lucid dreams and OBE's. (without the Rift of course LOL)

Give a try and see what happens!

P.S. It would be really cool to use for magic mushrooms also! 😉
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There's a good reason those psychedelic drugs are illegal. They are dangerous.

I hope people realize that the reason we get motion sick when using the Oculus Rift is because the body is detecting (hopefully incorrectly) dangerous psychadelic drugs that it needs to vomit up immediately because they are affecting your brain. Motion sickness is an evolved response to magic musrooms or whatever natural psychedelics our ancestors accidentally consumed.

That should tell you something about whether taking them is a good idea or not. And also about whether taking them while using the Rift is a good idea or not.

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I thought this was really great! I have no interest in psychedelics, and am not the least bit buzzed or anything right now, but I was still moved nearly to tears in my personal favorite: #5. I think 360FOV's suggestions above re: #5 are spot-on.

Excellent work on this!
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Many indigenous people use psychedelic drugs like peyote, DMT, and magic musrooms, for religious porpuses not by accident.
This game was made for people who already decided to take psychedelic drugs .
The Main issue of whether a person should or should not use a psychedelic drugs is a personal decision.
I dont think should discuss the issue on this thread, there a plenty of other places most suitable to discuss it.

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Thanks HappyHimitsu and Thodder7 , what environment you enjoyed the most?

"cybereality" wrote:

I always wondered if you could actually *induce* a psychedelic experience using VR. I mean, even something as simple as a strobe light can have an effect on your perception. Would be interesting if people could get high just using VR.

cybereality, our first goal was to mimic a actual psychedelic experience and induce it without using any drugs, because if this game can achieve this, the changes it could enhance psychedelic trip is very high. But this is a "uncharted territory" and im exploring it.
There are many types of art that try to induce a psychedelic experience, like psychedelic art, im learning from this sources to bring it to a immersive VR environment.