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Horizon Workrooms changes as of May 30 2024

Honored Guest

No more files, links or chats; no more whiteboard; no more posters.

I can easily live without the tracked keyboard, but those other things made Workrooms unique, and genuinely useful as a COLLABORATIVE VR environment.   I'm sorry that I was late to the party, but I was just starting to explore the possibilities as a former High School tech teacher.  


Honored Guest

I am super pissed as well! As soon as may 30th comes I am done with Meta workrooms Unless they keep the whiteboards... The whiteboard was the only reason I used this app! and being able to work together. soooo mad. there are requests here from people who want to keep the whiteboard. click it too! 

Its garbage without whiteboards. It makes it much easier to brainstorm when multiple people could use it. I also used it to map out my book. I can't put sticky notes or draw on my wall in RL so it was super essential for me. So angry. 

Is there an "Alpha" of the May 30th Workrooms 'Beta' 😉 Release or an Early preview of it for those who don't want to wait another month? Maybe implement one of those options that many companies do, where you can tick a box an immediately switch over to the newest UI--with the understanding that it may be unstable and change between now and the 30th? If so... I want in.

Expert Protege

It's pretty surprising to hear all of this.

I just recently joined the Meta ecosystem with my acquisition of a Quest 3. I was blown away when I discovered Workrooms - first by never having heard about it (I'm really tech savvy) and second by how good it is.

Clearly, Meta did an awful job of marketing it. For what it does, Workrooms is simply ahead when compared to Microsoft Teams. If we were not tied to the Microsoft ecosystem, I would have lobbied to move my development team to Workrooms.

Anyhow, I'll wait for this next update to update my opinion on the product.