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Horizon Worlds is pretty terrible - why are so many official Meta apps so badly done?


Hi there. Just my own personal opinion here, but I just picked up a Quest 3 a week ago (I have owned each Quest, Rift CV1 and been here since the devkit days) and wanted to see if the experience on Horizons had improved since the last time I played it about a year ago - and I was sadly disappointed to see that not only had it not, but in the Quest 3 I notice the issues with the 'metaverse' so much more than I did on my Quest 2 - and just had to log myself out after about 10 minutes trying to fish, because it gave me a headache and made me feel ill (which is the first time I have felt that way since using the Quest 3). 

The graphics are absolutely terrible in all the worlds, the aliasing is some of the worst I've seen on these newer headsets... I love my Quest 3, but I'm curious why things are being made this way by a company that seems so invested in virtual reality? 
Why does Meta seem so dead-set on making their apps so basic? It feels like they are trying to do what Apple did in its early days, by oversimplifying everything; but I don't think the real draw of those products were ever really in things like the 'one button mouse' (everyone I ever talked to except a couple of very old people hated that) - and the ultra simple blocky graphics in all of their apps (don't get me started on the avatars 🤢), and a part of why some of the simplification worked for Apple back then was because most people were still apprehensive about using a computer. 
Those days are effectively gone now. Things do not need to be that way anymore; and imo they shouldn't be. At least not when the tradeoff is horrible aliasing and preschool level graphics and gameplay. 

It's clear I'm not the only one who isn't really fond of it either, nearly all of the 'meta' apps have some of the lowest ratings on the entire store; that being said, there are a few gems in there as well. 
First Contact is absolutely WONDERFUL in almost every way (The other 'demo' experiences that come with each Quest are also really cool), and still one of - if not my favorite mixed reality application (certainly one of the best examples of how to do MR right) - but of course we are given just one level?? It could have been something so much more.
Some of the 3D VR animations Oculus has put out are also top of the line; but that's about where it ends. I would rather use something else for every other Meta app that is out there - and that just seems so sad to me given all the talk we've heard of how amazing it is all supposed to be; just absolutely baffling really. 

I'm just so confused regarding some of the choices made by the Oculus/Meta team in regards to most of the 'official' apps that are available really - Horizon Worlds just seems to be following the trend. 
Some other very strange choices I see are some of the most obviously overlooked things I can think of. 

Like, why can we not search the store in the headset and order the experiences by mixed reality? If there is a way I certainly can't find it, and after multiple times trying and reading other posts on various forums saying similar things, it doesn't seem the problem is with the people. 
The experience there seems really inconsistent across platforms as well. I can search for almost everything I want to search for on the in-browser store, but different choices are available on the mobile app, the PC app, and in the headset itself....   Just seems really, really odd that things are so inconsistent. 

Anyhow, I still love my Quest 3 and I'm happy that I bought it - but I can't help but think that things could be so much better if the people making this experience cared a little more about the little QOL details that really bring things together. 

Ok, my Worlds Horizon headache and nausea seems to have let up enough that I think I can handle dinner. I'm completely put off going back into VR for the evening though, and I have the official Meta 'metaverse' app to thank for that. 

Gripe over. Love ya'll. ❤️


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