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Horizon worlds coming soon

Level 2

For some reason I can’t get Horizon Worlds. It says coming soon even though I’m in the States and above the required age. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey williegaga, thank you for reaching out regarding this.


Please see those steps that might help you to get the App installed:


- Check if you are using any kind of VPN connection.


- Try downloading the app with your Quest connected to a different Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.


- Install the App via different platform's (Meta Quest Platform mobile / Meta Quest Website / VR) on your Quest.


- Log out of the Meta Store Platform (mobile) restart the headset and log back in.


In case you are not finding a way to install the App, feel free to contact our support here!

I have tried over and over everything stated and also contacted support who said all the same speal. I'm based UK over 18. Still says coming soon. So I opened a brand new Facebook and added to quest 2 a secondary account and yet it downloaded. So it's down to Facebook older accounts don't seem to let work. I have recently deleted the secondary account as was just to prove the info and advice given by meta is wrong and useless. It's something on metas side with linked Facebook accounts. 

Hey @NathUk88 As for Horizon Worlds download issues, it is still mid rollout and there doesn't seem to be a near end in sight currently. You may want to keep an eye on our blog for any further updates.


It could take a bit longer for older Facebook accounts due to the fact it does have to go through everyone in what could be an alphabetical format.


If you do believe you're all good to go, I suggest you submit a bug report for Horizon Worlds.

Hi, yes still 4 month later no access. So now meta accounts are about. I removed my original Facebook account. Opened a new one just for quest and horizon worlds   synced to my meta account and boom. I now have horizon worlds set to my meta account only with new Facebook account. Nothing do with country or region. New Facebook accounts all work in states authorised with horizon worlds. So I was correct again.

Evidence bots and random working for Facebook have no clue. Stick to your scripts and Google forums. I'm educated to know better