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Hoverboard VR - Tech Demo (WiiBB, Kinect v2, LeapMotion)

Level 2
Combining the Oculus Rift, Wii Balance Board and the Kinect v1 in Unity3D.
Works pretty good!


Level 2
This is really impressive. I tried a few years ago to program some stuff on the balance board and it was a nightmare! It really is a shame Nintendo or any third party developers didn't do much with the board. Maybe they found it difficult to program with as well, or maybe it was hard to pitch a game idea for a piece of hardware that wasn't selling like hotcakes.

Either way, its good to see that your at least giving it a go, I hope it all works out, it looks good so far!

Level 2
This is really impressive xD maybe have one of those Bluetooth ps3 guns for a FPS and have hover-board wars xP id play that! or maybe give it some kind of objective! this could also work great for skiing snowboarding and other sport games of that nature!

Level 2
This is a great idea! WOW. how epic 😃

Level 2
Last couple of weeks I have been upgrading this Hoverboard VR demo.

- Kinect V2 integration
- Leap Motion integration
- Wii Balance Board with correct force feed
- New design

I will try to upload a new video later this week which shows more of the new hardware integration

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Level 2
To get the most immersive experience possible with the current hardware available I have upgraded my earlier Hoverboard VR Experience in my spare time.

Just in time for Marty McFly's return 😛

I used the WiiBalanceWalker v0.4 library from Richard Perry to use the Wii Balance Board as an input controller. I am working on a library to get the raw data with socket connection into Unity3D (unfortunately not stable enough yet...)

For the skeleton tracking I used the Unity3D Kinect v2 library from Rumen Filkov as a base to track the players body and translate it to VR. There is some noticeable latency (around 40ms I would guess) but it really enhances presence (for me 🙂

Via an IK script I mapped the Leap Motion tracking data to the Unity3D mecanimn character.
Latency is less noticeable than the Kinect tracking. When your hands are in line of sight I fall back to a "default" hand state.

Big thanks to Weval for the awesome soundtrack Gimme Some
And my colleagues Jeroen van der Horst and Maurits Heukensfeldt from Quince for helping me out with the creation of the video.

I am attending the Oculus Connect 2 event next week.
If somebody living in the neighbourhood of LA could bring a Wii Balance Board and Gaming PC to Connect I would be more than happy to bring the Kinect + Leap with me to demo the Hoverboard VR Experience. Send me a PM

Let me know what you guys think.

Level 15
Looks cool.
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