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How hard is it to make a VR game?

Honored Guest

As a flatscreen dev, it always amazed me how well-designed some VR games were, especially the fluidity and smoothness in some games that you'd never expect to be possible in VR. For example, I came across a post about Retropolis 2 a few days ago where the devs said they used over 2.5 brushstrokes in VR to hand paint the game. I find that amazing as the developer and the level of dedication put into these games is just heartwarming because I feel like the gaming scene as a whole needs more of this. I also found this article about Half-Life: Alyx allegedly spending up to $75,000,000 on developing the game, numbers that are just beyond anything I've seen. It kind of signifies to me there was a ton of highly specialized and highly demanding work to be done to make the game see the daylight, which got me further thinking about how hard it is to make VR games.