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I got banned in Gorilla Tag (falsely)

Honored Guest

I was peacefully playing Gorilla Tag in a casual lobby trying to practice my branching as per usual and I see someone modding, but it’s a casual lobby remember so I just thought it was allowed and was able to ignore it either way.

This was until someone started reporting them for modding and I decided to protect them because I thought in casual lobbies you can mod as long as you don’t ruin the whole entire server.

Further into the incident, I was spam reported by the person and I had gotten a two week ban.


I appealed this ban so hopefully it’s successful! Wish me luck!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @backroomsboi! I know being banned for any amount of time can be disheartening, so I hope the team over at Gorilla Tag is able to help you out. There isn't much that Meta can do in regards to a game specific ban, so it's good that you've already submitted an appeal! Best of luck! 😊

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