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I have referred 26 friends and none of us have ever received the $30 app credit.

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Am I the only one or is it a sham that Oculus/Meta doesn't fulfill the $30 referral promise when you refer people and send them the $30 link to both get credit for apps for each of you. I've bought and referred twenty-six people in the last fifteen months and no one has ever been able to find the $30 referral link I sent them. I have tried talking to Meta on Chat and they play dumb. Very frustrating. I'm never referring the Quest to anyone anymore . Very frustrating. I'm never referring the Quest to anyone anymore.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

When you say you sent them the link, was that just the send button next to found accounts? You can send the link to them any way you want (email, discord, sms, etc).


(I also see it has to be redeemed before they activate their headset for the first time)


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Community Manager

Hey There! We want to make sure you get this resolved as soon as possible, we know the roadblock this can put in your VR time. Here is a link to make sure you are all squared away and have all the requirements for the Meta Referral Program