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I have the coolest dad ever

Expert Protege

My dad has a oculus rift s and a meta quest 3 and he played my most favorite vr game gorilla tag with me but he got really motion sick


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

That's one cool dad in my book


"I Have Found That People Lie, Most Often Deceiving Themselves. Not So The Dead. The Dead Are So Very, Very Loud. And Yet, Lying Is Not In Their Nature. It Is So... Humbling, To Listen To The Dead Speak."

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I wish my dad was into VR gaming. It would be so nice if I could play with him, but he's more of a console type of guy. 😅

Don't worry be happy.

My dad played a lot of pc and console and only like 5 times of him playing his rift s headset