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Is the real world supposed to be grainy when using mixed reality on Quest 3?

Honored Guest

I have seen videos of people posting their mixed reality experience. Meta posts clips on instagram where people are using the mixed reality to cook and do household chores while using it. In those clips, the real world looks very high resolution and makes this possible. When I use mixed reality, the real world is very pixelated. I could not cook or do anything that they are doing in those clips as it would be dangerous to be that low of a vision while doing those.

I have nowhere to compare this as I don't know anybody who has Quest 3. I have started to suspect that could my Quest 3 be faulty and that is not what the real world is supposed to be like when looking through the glasses.

So my question is, what does your real world look like through Quest 3? Is it pixelated, grainy? Are you able to read small text through them? (I am not).

Any comments on this subject would be greatly appreciated.



For me, it's fairly grainy, and I definitely cannot read a book or anything like that through the passthrough. 

From what I've read about it, lighting plays a huge roll in the clarity of passthrough, you need TONS of light in whatever room you're in for it to be clearer.

All that being said, even with lots of light, it's still a bit grainy for mine. Either my Q3 is defective too, or people are denoising their videos to make it less grainy and lying about the clarity. I think it's the latter tbh.