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Is this possible for multi monitor/ multi screen setup

Level 2
I need a very large amount of screen real estate for work. would this work to recreate a virtual sphere of screens around you?

Level 4
Yes.. ish.

You can try virtual desktop, but depending on your system specs and what it is you're actually running/using, it may lag like crazy.
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Level 2
interesting. So there's generally a lag. I've heard of people saying it can support a second monitor, but can it support 8? Like my current desktop. I'm surprised there's not more people interested in the idea of a huge desktop spanning 180 degrees around you.

Level 2
This may be the direction that V.R systems will go to but currently the technology just isn't up to it. By the time it is up to it we may already have another way of viewing multiple screens. Some where on YouTube (can't remember where) someone created a demo that in amongst it, had an option to do multiple screens. This required a set up room and though it was on the DK1, the lack of pixels was a major problem.