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Jigsaw 360 now also available on Oculus Go

Level 7


Jigsaw 360 is a chilled out experience with relaxing music and a choice of relaxing sound effects (nature / rain / waves) . You find yourself stood inside the jigsaw scene and will complete a spherical jigsaw puzzle in front of you. As you turn the puzzle the scene rotates with it to be used as reference, or you can drag the jigsaw around you to line it up with the scene. Flat jigsaws are also supported.

The relaxing ambisonic background sounds are best heard through headphones.

Check out the settings for more options that change the difficulty (hide jigsaw piece outlines, adjust snapping settings).

Thousands of photos are available to import, see for a link to Flickr.

Imported photos need to be equirectangular format (used by most 360 cameras) and saved as 4096x2048 .png files on you Oculus Go in /Pictures/360

Let me know if you have 360 photo you would like to share.

The game is already available on the Rift and has been converted to support 3dof controllers..

Developer of Dimensional, The Relentless, Breath Tech, Jigsaw 360 View my dev blog at