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Just share a positive experience

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Hello, I would like to share a story that we experienced with the Quest. My father has always been a fishing enthusiast. Unfortunately, at 75 years old, he has difficulty moving around and it’s no longer possible for him to practice his passion. His dream has always been that one day, he and all his children could go fishing together. Unfortunately, we are all very busy and it has never been possible. A few days ago, I saw the game Real VR Fishing in the store. I thought I would download it to give him the experience. He loved it. The idea took hold and I talked to my two brothers who already own Quests. We pooled our money and bought a Quest 2 for my father. We pre-installed the fishing game and I put it on his headset. He started fishing but what he didn’t expect was that my two brothers and I also downloaded the game. We connected and came to join him to fish all together. I saw my father cry for the first time in 50 years. It was moving. 




Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

This is such a sweet moment to share! It's great to see your dad have such a heartfelt moment with his son's :'). I hope you all have many more fun fishing experiences with each other in VR!

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Amazing story!  Thanks for sharing.

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Not only your father is crying.....such a emotional story😢