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Live for Speed (racing simulator) update with individually rendered stereoscopic 3D mirrors!

Heroic Explorer
Our latest update, 0.6Q, contains a new system to simulate the mirrors
realistically. Each mirror's image is drawn from a separate reflected
location, so the interior mirror looks out through the rear window and
you can see the sides of your car in the side mirrors. In VR (and other
3D modes) a full stereoscopic image is generated for each mirror.

Live for Speed is free to download and run in Demo mode.  VR is fully supported in Demo mode.  To enter VR mode : Options... View... 3D

Read all about the update and how to install it on our website

Live for Speed -

Heroic Explorer
Keep up the great work Scawen 🙂

As I said on the test patch threads it's great fun using the real mirrors. I had multiple sessions where I tried to make high speed reverse parking maneuvers on various tracks using only the mirrors :smile:
Live for Speed could be a great tool to teach driving in VR as it simulates every important aspect of a real car.