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Lost Bookmarks in Meta Browser on Quest2 - broken product or just a clever way to troll a customers?

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I just had an extremely pleasant experience of losing all my Meta Browser bookmarks on Meta Quest 2. It started as usual. During normal browsing Quest started to hickup and force-close the Browser a few times. I thought: Oh, here goes another "unobtrusive" update in the middle of me using product. 

But this time, when I opened bookmarks I was using just a seconds ago, and which held about several months of collected sites, I was greeted by a message: You do not have any bookmarks yet.

I didn't panic, I have cloud backups turned on after all. But, when checking "" I found that Meta Quest Browser does not use cloud backup.

Sooo, If you thought bookmarks tab ought to store your favorites safely... well, think again. Not on Q2, apparently.

I also opened a support case, and had a really surreal convo with an support agent, who said my favs are gone for good.  He offered me wisdom of "important steps" to activate cloud backup, and, noticing my sarcasam, in the end offered even a few bucks in Meta Store as compensation for my inconveniences.

This must be either a joke of a product/support, or it's a completely novel way of helping big corporations' devs relieve their stress by trolling their own customers.

Anyway, I'm keeping my support chat transcript so I can show it to my grandchildren someday.