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Medium sculpt feedback

Level 9

Hi everybody,

I've been learning how to use Medium. I wanted to share the experience with others with timelapse videos of my sculpts. The video's I made seemed a little dull, so I worked out how to chroma key (greenscreen) in an interesting background. 

I was happy with the results, but I thought it would be way cooler if I created my own background in Medium. This is what I'm currently working on:

This is my medium studio so far. I am very new to Medium and 3D modeling in general and would appreciate any feedback, suggestions or constructive criticism the community might have.

Thanks for having a look and I hope to hear your thoughts.

Level 9

Can you spot the differences?


Level 8
Sunlight makes shadow?

Level 9

saami81 said:

Sunlight makes shadow?

Yes, the shadow is new. Can you spot two more differences?

 I used a light to mimic the sun. I placed it in an appropriate position relative to the background image, then adjusted the color to a light orange hue, then selected shadow mapping. And I reduced the "sun" brightness and ibl brightness in the world layer settings to add contrast.

I also used another light positioned at the head of the lamp because the emissive clay doesn't actually project light.

But unfortunately only one light at a time can use shadow mapping, which is why the lamp doesn't cast detailed shadows.

Level 9


Here's an update. Can you spot the differences?