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Meta Quest 3 or PSVR2?

Honored Guest

I already own a PlayStation 5 and own a few games that also support VR, so I'm leaning towards PSVR2 but I would love y'all's opinion. I care mostly about games and little about productivity and video apps. My cousin has a Meta Quest 2 and I'm thinking about testing that out before I decide. I know people will probably lean towards Meta Quest 3, but, video game wise, I know some people will prefer PSVR2. I would love to hear about your thoughts on both and if they're good or not. This would be my first VR purchase.


I'm not sure you are goinmg to get a balanced opinion about PSVR2 on a Meta community forum. Your identical Reddit thread will probably do better, although you'll still be advised to buy the Q3.


PSVR2 doesn't have a vast array of titles to support it just yet. Their best title is the Resident Evil VR stuff. But beyond that, things may get a bit stale.

Meta Quest is your best bet, since you have hundreds of titles available in the Stand-Alone store, Oculus PCVR, and SteamVR.


I recommend the Meta Quest 3. It has a wider library of games and is compatible for PC-VR gaming, if that is a route you wish to take in the future. It has an array of apps beyond those of gaming, from productivity (for studying/work) to leisure, such as Netflix/Amazon Prime Video. 


The Meta Quest 3 can be used on the go and has mixed reality to make it doable. All while being a standalone product, so you won't be relying on another device to play on games.