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Meta Quest Child Restrictions



Unfortunately, Meta’s restrictions for 10-12 year olds have made the VR experience very disappointing for parents and children. We certainly understand the need to protect children in social media and gaming, but Meta has given parents very little ability to decide what is appropriate for our children.

Since the Friends/People app is completely blocked for 10-12 year old children, they don’t have the ability to interact with friends they know. They can’t call, create parties or join their friends in their VR homes. It would be great if parents had the ability to allow friends they know personally. Otherwise, the hope is that the games still allow voice chat with teammates or in private lobbies. 

This has also become a challenge. Many games are following the restrictions that Meta has put in place for children 10-12 years of age. Games like Gorilla Tag no longer allow children to setup private lobbies, so they are limited to public. I am unable to setup a private lobby so my child and I can play in the same home with two headsets. Our only option is to keep trying public lobbies and hope they’re not full. This is the same for when he tries to play with his friends. Plus, there’s no option to voice chat any longer as all children in that age range can only make monkey sounds. In order to talk to a friend, he needs to have a phone near him.

Ghostbusters is even worse. He is completely blocked from joining any servers. So, he and I cannot play a private game or public game together. Though this game is rated teen, we feel it is certainly appropriate for him. I’ve allowed this app in supervision, but this doesn’t change his blocked access to the servers.

It’s a shame that some games and Meta restrictions are making it difficult for parents to play with their children. Again, we absolutely support protecting children from strangers, but we should also have the ability to allow them to connect and play with friends they personally know.


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I agree and not only do I agree but I'm sick of people without children attempting to make policies about children that have siblings.

It is cruel and unusual punishment to require a parent with children that are just below a legal requirement age from picking up or being envious of an older sibling playing a children's game.

We all roll our eyes in understanding of the legal requirements and hoops companies have to jump through, but they seldom pass that stupidity on to parents for a reason.  It's just evil to require that parents explain legal reasons why they can't play with their friends just because some lawyer for an insurance company wants a specific legal cutoff of responsibility.

It's also specious and pedantic to argue that a bad ban was enforced due to an age restriction nobody listens to.  My daughter isn't going to understand that reason and TBH I find it cowardly.  It's basically like saying you abused your own system because you don't understand children and/or the difference between age of majority and legal wrangling.


I would like to add that this is an issue with the game Bam, as well. My son and I tried to play and we could not find a way to setup a private game without using the friends list. Since he is 10, he does not have a friends list. As of now, we can’t find any way to play the game together either in a public or private lobby. Please advise if we’re missing something.

Hey @tyrant8499, I see you have an inquiry about Meta accounts and Parent-Managed accounts. I have been pushing for this functionality for awhile. I haven't received any news of this feature being implemented yet, but if any info comes to light, I'll be sure to update it on this thread here.

I hope this information was insightful!

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Hi @ShiroTenko. Thank you for bringing this thread to my attention and for advocating for our requests. To summarize, we believe we should have the ability to not only play with our children in VR, but also allow them to add friends that we personally know and approve. I will certainly be keeping an eye on the forum you shared and truly hope Meta allows this in the future.

Np problem @tyrant8499! Hopefully some changes get pushed in the future!

“There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan.” -Leonard Snart.