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Meta hurting itself by discontinuing games/experiences


Hi, this has probably been brought up before but I need to air this as well.

Meta have been discontinuing games in recent time which is hurting them selves more than they might think. By these discontinuations (Echo VR, Bogo, Dead and Buried 1 and 2 etc) they are sending a clear signal that their ecosystem can not be trusted.

I have been a Oculus VR gamer since 2014 really want Meta to succeed to make VR mainstream, but seeing their recent actions makes me worried. If I invest my time and money into a product and its ecosystem then I don’t want to feel that the experiences I love - and was the reason for me to even get into VR - to be pulled away without any offline alternative provided. I have a quite large library purchased from the Oculus / Meta Store, but at the moment it feels like any of them can be pulled away from me at any time, so why should I even care to stay in the ecosystem at all? I don’t buy the games and experiences just to experience them in short term. I buy them so that me and my family can enjoy them in the future as well.


To be fair, this is not just a Meta problem but a problem with ”software as a service” in general. But here I hope that Meta puts in more effort to keep its experiences supported long term (same way as other providers, such as Steam).

This could be done by e.g. still allowing users to install old OS versions where the game is still supported.

Thats all, just want to have this posted as I hope Meta finds alternatives to just taking the easy route of discontinuing.




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Fully agree that creative content like games should be kept working. If multiplayer cannot work, at least find a way to keep the singleplayer part alive. 

Bogo seems to hurt the most:

Every upvote often represents 1000 - 1500 views. So 700 upvotes are quite a lot - and Meta has sent out e-mails about the discontinuation of Bogo to all owners.

I got the mail about Dead & Buried, and it seems to be about both versions - Dead & Buried 1 and 2. Also comments on Reddit:

Saw this image on another forum, but I have no knowledge about San Andreas possibly making it back...


Not sure what's going to happen to Medal of Honor, I guess the singleplayer part will still work - so it may only be half-dead 😉

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I find Meta's behavior disgusting. I paid money for the games, and now some company decides that I can no longer use them?
Go to hell! You won't get a cent more from me. I will advise everyone against buying a Meta product.