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Meta ticket support is a joke!

Honored Guest

The customer support is a joke!

We had a  PIN on the Oculus since we bought it approximately 18 months ago and have never had any problems until suddenly we discovered that the pin had been disabled randomly. No one has removed the PIN and our child had spent over a thousand dollars. When we contacted Meta about this "This pin can be disabled randomly" from meta support. Not good enough!!!!
We had no notifications to tell us this had happened and usually if our kids want to buy something, we buy it and always get an email confirmation. No emails have not been coming through, so we had no idea these purchases were being made, till his brother discovered it. 
This has been financially and emotionally stressful, We had to fully remove our credit card details all together.
We have replied 3 times to the so called email ticket support that Meta sent, with all the evidence. Such a joke as all they do is reply the exact same message of the original email.
"We'd love nothing more than to get this fixed" What a joke Meta, you could care less.
I've read so many stories from parents online similar to ours, pins being disabled and their kids spending money, with a pathetic response of, "Oh sometimes the pin gets disabled'. Not good enough Meta!!!
So to any parents who see this, please be warned, don't put your credit card details on with a parental pin block. We removed ours all together, will only manually enter it if we ever buy anything again. Also if this does happen go straight to your credit card provider instead, as meta will just send you the same automated AI response on repeat!