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Moon Karts

Level 3

Visit to see more and download playable demos.

This racing game is a tangent to the bigger lunar project from WrenAR. This is Rover Racing, where you can customize your rover's loadout and then race it around a really dangerous track! Enjoy! Use your lasers and tractor beams to clear the track, or mess it up even more! Speed Pads throughout the track will warp you into oblivion, hang on...running into pretty much anything at speed will demolish your poor little rover, but it's so much fun to crash...

On the wrenar site you will find PC/Mac and Oculus versions of this build. In the Leap/Oculus Version, you get to use your hands to loadout your vehicle and launch the race.

WASD and Mouse to control during race for all versions

"\" will reset your game at any time
LMB is Laser
RMB is Magna Beam

Complete the race in under 5 minutes - passable
Complete the race in under 4 minutes - respectable.
Any lap under a minute is elite!

Don't go in the Volcano!