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Moss 2 How to Dash

Level 3

It's been driving me nuts but I cannot figure out how to get Quill to dash in Moss 2.   What are the controller buttons and action to get this to happen??


Level 2

Press B until Moss holds up his sword and it gets fully energized--had a glowing dot at the tip  Then press the trigger (rt controller) then press B again. Make sure you are lined up the direction you want to dash. Hope this helps. 

I must be missing something as these instructions do not work for me


Level 2

Same problem. Any fix?

Nothing yet, still reading everything and hoping someone else will answer with better info

Exactly, hold B to activate, then the right trigger to dash - but be sure Quill has the right direction, or it can go very wrong. Took some time to get used to it, now it works almost every time 🙂

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Hold B on left or right controller or does it matter?

Level 3

Is dash a skill you have to learn somewhere or just know how to do it correctly?

Level 2

I'm on Quest 2 PCVR and when I hold B I only get a sword swing. Quill will not hold sword in the air. Is this a skill that gets picked up along the way somewhere? (like when I was told that I could now make vines and bridges grow) Maybe I missed it. I'm in a level that requires "Dash" to finish. And I'm stuck here.

Once you defeat/pull the energy from the crystal in the greenhouse it will tell you that you now know how to dash. Had to restart once or twice on that level before I finally figured it out but well worth the effort. Once your standing in front of the crystal the statue of holding in the greenhouse and if I remember correctly you put the ball of energy you use like when you heal her and it will pull the energy/knowledge from the crystal. Good luck and hope this helps you.