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Must buy games for the Quest/Link

Level 4
If you had to recommend one game for the Quest, which would it be? Are there any hidden gems beneath the pile? Thanks in advance

Level 11
Just played Lone Echo with Link and it worked well. Also played Quake 2 and Half-Life, using Sidequest to install and copying the full games from Steam - also work very well (but need to have good VR legs).

Elite: Dangerous - did several hours with Link - same with P3Dv4 and DCS World. All worked well with zero negative effects. SDE is obvious, but that's pretty much a given - not as bad as CV1 though.

Edit: One game? You gotta be kidding! 😄

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Level 2
 I like Arizona Sunshine, Asgard's Wrath, Fallout 4 VR.. lol just one?

Level 15
Stormland and Moss. But don't stop there:

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Level 14
One? Really just  1?

Elite Dangerous then, with horizons dlc included (CMDR Deluxe edition i think it is called). I make the reccomendation under protest however 😉

keep eye on the price, it is regularly around the £13-£15 mark for the complete edition.

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