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My recommendations for great Puzzle/Adventure experiences


Greetings! Over the years I have gone through quite a few Puzzle/Adventure titles in VR. This is a genre of gaming that I have been passionate about since their inception.

Some of my favorite old school puzzle games include Death Gate, Shannara, Dragon Lore, The Longest Journey, Myst and Riven. Just to name a few (and age myself!).


I typically don't enjoy a puzzle/adventure game just for the sake of the exploration and problem solving. I need something compelling and captivating in order for me to commit. Especially since I tend to measure all new games in this genre based on my early experiences when this genre truly blossomed.

That being said, these are the Puzzle/Adventure titles that I feel are well worth the full investment. Note that these will most likely require a PC (Oculus VR / SteamVR). Although I haven't checked to see if any have been ported over to the Meta Quest Stand-Alone store. 

While all the titles I am listing left a very lasting impression upon completion, some titles captured me in unique ways that I felt needed a callout; so I put those in bold. Cheers!

  1. A Fisherman's Tale
  2. Albino Lullaby
  3. Dead Secret
  4. Eleven Eleven
  5. Esper
  6. Floor Plan
  7. Form
  8. ioMoon
  9. Lone Echo
  10. Myst
  11. Nevermind
  12. Obduction
  13. Red Matter
  14. Robinson the Journey
  15. Technolust
  16. Call of the Startseed
  17. The Great C
  18. The Invisible Hours
  19. Torn
  20. Transference
  21. Wilson's Heart
  22. Xing the Land Beyond

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

That's such a fantastic collection of games! I'm a big fan of puzzle adventures too, so I'll definitely be checking out the game trailers on YouTube and adding some of them to my wish list. By the way, have you given killer frequency a try? Judging from your list, I think you'd absolutely love it! Some of the puzzles are so unique and engaging, especially in VR.

The future of home entertainment!


No I haven't tried Killer Frequency. But I will definitely add it to my list. Thanks!


You may have to list tentacular as well