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No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way - Cate Archer lives again in VR!

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Edit: it's out!
*** Update Feb 13: Third release, with some improvements and localized versions also for the Vive!
*** Update Feb 2: The mod now works correctly on the HTC Vive thanks to the magic of Revive!!!
*** Update Jan 16-25: All localized versions released!

Grab it while it's hot at

Instructions are included with the release. Let me know (preferably here so it can help other users, but a PM is fine too) if you find any problems or if you get any joy!!!

THANKS to all of you who tested the mod and reported back, and also thanks to the many others who volunteered. Although I did my best to fine-tune the release, I don't expect everything to work perfectly for everyone, so your feedback will still be very important.

SweViver has made a fun gameplay video ("Come here, lady: I'm gonna slice you with my katana!"):

Have fun kicking H.A.R.M.'s butt  

Original post:

Hi folks!

No One Lives Forever 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. In my mind, there was only one way to make it better (apart from a much awaited sequel, that sadly looks like it's never going to happen): a total VR conversion!

The VR community has given a lot to me. Amazing mods like Doom 3 BFG - VR, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast VR, the MotherVR mod for Alien: Isolation, the very existence of affordable devices like the Rift and the Vive: I really wanted to give something back. I also desperately wanted to play NOLF2 in VR, and... nobody else was doing it, so I decided to step in.

In honor of the traditional bent for acronyms that pervades the NOLF universe, I couldn't restrain myself from naming this the "R.E.A.L." mod. I have done my best to preserve the magic of NOLF2 by keeping the VR conversion as close as possible to the original feel of the game, in every aspect that I could think of.

I believe that the mod is basically ready for release, and now I am looking for testers to make sure there are no glaring problems before making it available to the whole community.

If you are willing to experience Cate Archer in VR and you don't mind the occasional rough spot, reply here or PM me and I will send you a link to download the mod. Of course you will need the original game in order to play. It is best if you have some time to spend on this in order to go through the full game and report on any bugs that you might find, but even if you can just play a level or two, your help is precious to ensure that the community will be able to enjoy a quality release.

On my system (Oculus Rift, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Xbox One controller) the mod works very smoothly and runs at 90 fps with 2.0 supersampling, 4x antialiasing and all the graphics options maxed out. The game still truly is a beauty to behold, keeping in mind that 15 years have gone by since it was originally released. Ideally, I would like to have some testers that can report to me how (and if) the mod works on different configurations: for instance AMD graphics cards, Logitech controllers, and so on.

Even though this is obviously not the right forum to ask, if anyone also has a Vive available, it would be good to know if everything works correctly through Revive.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you will enjoy playing the mod as much as I did coding it!!!

Update Dec 12:
Depending on your system configuration, you might run into problems if you install the original game inside "Program Files (x86)" (trouble unpacking the mod files, game doesn't save, etc.). When NOLF2 came out in 2002, Windows wasn't protecting the Program Files folder yet, so the developers decided to put the saves inside the program's directory, as was customary at the time. To avoid trouble, it's best if you choose a normal folder during installation: for instance, tell the No One Lives Forever 2 installer to put the game in C:\MyGames\NOLF2.

Update Dec 11:

If the mod is crashing for you and/or you don't see Cate Archer's welcome animation at the title screen, you might have conflicting versions of the game's effects library. In your installation folder, you might find a subfolder named "Game", and inside that, a file named "CLIENTFX.FXD" (there's also a "CLIENTFX" folder, but I'm talking about the file). Either delete just this specific "CLIENTFX.FXD" file, or delete the whole "Game" subfolder altogether, which will save you 1,75 GB of disk space. Don't worry about the contents of the "Game" folder: they're all duplicate files and old versions, and they were needed only for working with the level editor.
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@RABID @MrMartinooo @ForceMd @Psyx2 I have sent you PMs with the download link. I can't wait to know what you guys think, great to see that there are still people loving this game!!!

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I'm new to these forums... but is there a link to the mod I'm missing?


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lilwolf said:

I'm new to these forums... but is there a link to the mod I'm missing?


I've sent you a link via PM, you're welcome to try it out and let us know if it works for you. I'm just waiting for feedback from testers before releasing the mod to the public, I hope we can do this in time for Christmas  🙂

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installed easy, crashed on first try, deleted game folder and now works perfect. didn't test with a game pad yet but it looks great. some of my favorite older games were Lithtech engine based (Shogo: mobile armor division,, Tron 2.0,Condemned: Criminal Origins, F.E.A.R.)

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I've only had time to play the first few parts of the Japan level, but I was actually surprised how polished this is. Besides the cutscenes making me a little bit dizzy (I know there's options for it), I haven't had any issues at all so far. You've done a fantastic job. I was worried the text would be hard to read in VR but it's actually
pretty readable, and the rest of the game looks nice and sharp too.

I do wish there was motion controller support though, I think it could be done - there aren't THAT many controls to map I don't think. I don't know how hard it would be to make it so you can aim with the Touch controllers, but if you were able to figure it out I think this would be one of the best VR mods out there - a proper VR stealth game. In the meantime though, it works really well with my Xbox One controller.

Thanks for making this, I'll keep playing (always love an excuse to play through NOLF2 again) and let you know if I find any issues!

Wow, I've not had a chance to visit the forums in a while, and I come here to find someone is doing a mod for one of my favorite games ever! This is one awesome Christmas pressie! 🙂 I'll PM you in case there's a chance that I can still help test.

The NOLF games are absolute classics and such a shame that they've disappeared into obscurity. I've been holding out for them to be released on Steam so I can buy them again, but it looks extremely unlikely that it will ever happen. 😞

The other game by Monolith that I'd absolutely LOVE to see a VR mod done for is Tron 2.0. It really is the perfect setting and aesthetic for a VR game. Really surprised it's not been done yet, but seeing a mod for one game in the family finally gives me hope of seeing this one done also (hint hint nudge nudge!). 🙂
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@StephenV: I've sent you a PM with the link, looking forward to your comments!

*Sigh*. It would be wonderful to be able to mod Tron 2.0 too (what game could better embody VR and all that it means?!?). BTW, at this point, having become quite familiar with the workings of the Lithtech engine, it would be a relatively minor effort for me. Alas, while the source code for NOLF2 has been publicly available since 2003, Tron 2.0's sources seem to be lost forever.

I am preparing my NOLF2 game and is testing it on my new Windows 10 rig. Unfortunately the game keeps crashing during the animated intro with a message 'Client MFC Application has stopped working'. I found a Steam fix for the Client.exe - but that doesn't seem to be used in NOLF2! Any ideas/ help will be very much appreciated.
Remark: I have still not installed the VR mod from Luke.
EDIT: I managed to get around that problem by disabling the G_sync feature for the monitor (NVidia setup). So now my problem is that I can't get the game updated to 1.3. The updater goes into error with: 'An installation support file could not be installed. Catastrophic failure'.
I have tried compatibilty mode as well as run as administrator - and yes - it is in a file location where full control is enabled

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HrOlsen said:
So now my problem is that I can't get the game updated to 1.3. The updater goes into error with: 'An installation support file could not be installed. Catastrophic failure'. 
I have tried compatibilty mode as well as run as administrator - and yes - it is in a file location where full control is enabled

Neither compatibility mode nor running elevated should be needed to make the game work.
The error you report appears to be associated with InstallShield somehow getting into an inconsistent state: see for instance or for some pointers on what to do.
Hope you can get this sorted out!

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@MrMartinooo @ForceMd Did you have a chance to try the mod with the Vive? Does it work at all?