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Occuls works worse with each update

Level 2

I literally cant play games I could play a year or two ago, its like reverse optimization. But since this meta nonsense its up to a whole new level, minimizing my games to give me meta updates, interrupting my pc link to remind me to register with meta which I have already done. Resetting itself to update for no given reason. I used to love my occulus 2, but since meta I cant play games that ran smoothly with an identical setup when I bought it. This is my vr experience. Thanks Facebook, sorry I gave you a dime.

Whats the point of this? I dont know, its just been a long time coming and I feel like I gotta just chime in about how brutal its been to just use this device recently. Its hard to want to do anything with it becuase I know its going to keep interrupting what Im doing to ask me some fifth or sixth reason I need to log into my facebook account. Stopping me mid play to basicly say "Yes, i still have a facebook account"