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Oculus Rift games lose focus. Keeping Task Manager open fixes it! Annoying...

Level 2
I've had an on going issue with Oculus Rift games randomly losing focus and having terrible frame rate. It's definitely a focus issue because clicking into the game window when it happens fixes the problem.

My PC is my AAA gaming rig (gtx 1080, i5 4670K, 16GB ram, Win 10), and I've NEVER had these issues with other game like this. I've seen others have similar issues.

One trick that works every time with this issue, is to have the Task Manager open, with "Always on top" enabled. After it's open you can just minimise it.  Doing this gets rid of any annoying focus problems I have with Oculus Home or Steam VR games.

Anyone else have these issues, and have found a definitive solution, instead of a workaround like this?  (Win 10 gamebar disabled, steam overlay disabled, no anti virus, all the kind of stuff already done)


Level 15
I have had this happen to me, but never figured out the cause. Since it's usually infrequent, it wasn't too bad just clicking the window with the mouse, though of course this is annoying. If this is happening for you a lot I'd like to investigate further. Can you upload these log files?
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