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Oculus games bought from Steam?

Level 4
Hey everyone,

Quick question.  Can you now buy games from Steam for the Oculus and run them fine on your Oculus?  Meaning, you do not need the Oculus store or permission (meaning it's not blocked) from getting it on Steam?  Is it associated with Oculus at all?  Or is it 100% sold on Steam and handled by Steam?

Thanks for the help.

Level 13
You could always buy games on steam and use them on oculus.  It will run Oculus home in the background so it can access the games in steam though.  This hasn't effected the performance on my machine at all.  You can't stop it from running oculus home now by running as admin if that's what you're asking.

Level 14
as above you always need the oculus software running in the background.....

As for buying on steam, just do a little homework 1st imo.  Some games on steam support oculus natively, and as such will give exactly the same experience regardless of steam or oculus purchased.

Other titles however use steamVR if you buy on steam or oculus native if you buy on oculus (eg arizona sunshine, pinballFX2VR and (I think) Battlezone).

I own all 3 of the above on steam but i really wish i had gotten them on oculus store.  i really am not a fan of steamvr on the rift, and when compared side by side to native support it is noticably inferior imo.
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Level 4
Okay, thanks for the help.  So if the game is built for Oculus with the Oculus controllers and headset, it will work exactly the same if bought on Steam?