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Our First Fully Remote 360 Video Location-Based Group Telepresence Event Is Happening Tomorrow

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This was originally posted on the Oculus Go discussion group but figured it could be very relevant here as well! 🙂 

Tomorrow we are hosting the first fully remote location-based group telepresence event of it's kind on any VR headset ever. This is a huge moment for the VR industry, as it brings a whole new level of immersion and interaction by merging the real world with the multiuser social vr world.

We have a large wellness retreat happening tomorrow in our application, in partnership with the city of Vancouver, Daily Hive and EWS Events.

Anyone can download Hoppin' for free on their Oculus Go and join the channel "vvwr20" to participate together in the event. Website is or you can find on the Oculus Go store.

I would love any feedback you can give on the platform and the event. We are still in Beta but are onboarding new studios and content weekly. 

If you have any other questions/comments don't hesitate!

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sounds cool ill look it up

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