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PCVR (not VR ports) games that have progression?

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I already finished games like Half life Alyx, Lone Echo 1 + 2 and Asgards wrath. I have no interest in VR ports (skyrim VR, Fallout VR) but want to play games that were build for VR.
Completed Bonelabs and Boneworks too.
I also completely in to the radius too. I tried master bladesmith, but it looks like that game was abandoned.
Has anyone more suggestions?

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Have you given the Espire series a shot? Espire 2, in particular, brings a whole new level of excitement with its various drones and co-op mechanics.

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Arizona Sunshine 1 and 2.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners. (I've heard the sequel isn't as good, but the first one was great)

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Arizona Sunshine it's not worth it. See part 2 is a completely different thing. For "Half life Alyx" try the addons. There are some that are amazing and maybe even longer than the original game. "Return To Rapture"and "Return To Rapture Chapter Two" for example.