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Pending - a horror short movie

Level 2
Hi all,

some weeks ago I have made a small horror video for the Oculus Rift.
For me it has just been testing around a little bit because I like to watch virtual reality movies and horror is a good subject-matter for vr-movies.
There are no commercial interests behind the work. I share it because there might be some people around who like vr-videos and might be as happy as me when finding such videos.
Some of the the objects are just placeholders without animation. So the movie has something like the status of an alpha version. Because the finishing normally takes a lot of time and does not increase the experience extremely, I am not sure, if the movie will leave this alpha version. It just keeps a fastly created little crazy test movie.

I have been interested to test some effects in the virtual environment because they are sometimes perceived very different than on a fixed screen. Therefore I have made this movie.

In case you also like virtual reality movies and would like to give this movie a try
you just need start the movie and lean back. Don't be too scary when watching the movie. Though it's only virtual.

On my computer the movie works fine. So it hopefully also works on your PC.

Please find some information listed below:
The movie is created by the use of the Unreal Engine 4.7 .
The movie is packaged for Windows.
Unfortunately it has the size of nearly 2 GB. So I have spread it into a zip-archive of 4 files.

If you are interested, you can download the movie from