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Performance issues in Beat Saber

I've been using my Quest 2 for one and a half years, thinking I don't have enough experience to play Beat Saber. I tested the game on 3 different computers and it's all the same. I'm able to play 2 songs just fine and every song following that has performance issues, including lag, framedrops and doesn't register cubes / chain blocks that I'm sure I have hit. Chain blocks don't register at all no matter how I slice them and sometimes my right controller doesn't vibrate when I hit a cube, other times it just vibrates for 10 seconds for no reason. 


The game becomes unplayable after hitting the 1 hour mark. My lightsabers feel like they lag. Songs that have a high BPM / speed aren't playable because the cubes don't arrive or because the first cubes that appear don't register hits. The only "note jump offset" setting that works for me is "static", the other ones render the game unplayable.


While the game was barely playable before, Oculus Update 42 has made the game even less playable and it's been like this for 2 months.


Here are my PC specs:
Ryzen 5800X
Nvidia RTX 3080
DDR4 16GB RAM 3200 MHz


The game is installed on my SSD.


Here are things I have already tried to improve the playability:
- Reset my headset to factory settings
- Tried different Beat Saber versions
- Upgraded my pc
- Setting OculusServer and the game to high priority in Task Manager
- Manage how many / which cores the game was using
- Played with "-vrmode oculus" flag and SteamVR
- Experimented with known good settings in Oculus Debug Tool
- Using the original Air Link cable


Thank you in advance for trying to help me and for reading this thread.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We hate lag too while playing that game. We'd love to help.


We appreciate the extensive troubleshooting that you have done. At this point we would like to streamline this for you and have you create a Support ticket HERE that way we can give you one on one attention!