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Permanently.Banned trolling bullying in horizon world

Honored Guest

Recently I saw and put up with seeing a lot of Harassment bullying and trolling in horizon world online which i didn't think was fun meta won't take accountable appropriate on these Areas same with anonymous account that a lot of trolling and bully users do in horizon its damming its being ruined and destroyed by these that got nothing better to do but take the funess away people are allowed to get away with bullying people with special needs and same goes with the children so why can't meta do nothing about it so out if control that people go against others over getting there account banned where is peace of love in modern today society in horizon world its really unsafe and I wouldn't recommend until more efficient safety tools clamps down on trolling bullying and anonymous accounts they won't stop harming the more nicer sensitive community that in meta metaverse community 


Well yes users would

spit and bullying other vulnerable users calling them idiot racist Homophobic antisocialbal behaviour negative users anonymous accounts trolling and bullying kids/adult have been doing this on vr as well as avatar bullying where saying negative opinions towards each users on their avatar looks which I find very appealing every time I report them sometimes they don't get banned these users that disrespect people vulnerable needs should be

permanently banned in horizon world  as the system in horizon world is very toxic and very much out of control report doesn't always work as well as they maybe a video recorde gulch happening in horizon world