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Pistol Whip - all scores are deleted

Level 7

A few days ago I've noticed that all my scores in Pistol Whip are deleted....but most worst, even if I play a level now, the results will not registered in leaderboard.
I'm not sure, but I believe it's since changing to Meta accounts.....although I've no idea how and why that could be related.
I know it's not only me, I've asked a friend....all his scores are also gone.
Anyone here who know how to fix that??


Accepted Solutions

Yesterday I played and suddenly it was fixed. I think they are slowly getting back to normal 

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Hi, that happened to me as well. Could you solve it? Any one else?







Sadly not.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game although i don't think it's a problem of the game.
The game count the points you make in a level but it won't upload to leaderboard.
I don't know, what to do and hope it will be fixed with next oculus update.😕

yes, I hope so too, leaderboard is fun.

It's the only way to see if you've got a better score than before, right?

Now it's always like you play a level for the first time.
No matter how bad you play it's always "new best score"😂

Level 3

Same. This is very annoying. I can see personal best etc but only the top 10 scores are shown, and my personal bests aren't logged on the leader board.

Yes, I cannot even see if i finished the weekly and monthly bounty... And what was my best score.... 

For weekly and monthly bounty just keep in mind how many you've already can see it on career tab.

It's strange, but the number of bountys is counted and shown correctly.

Of course that does not help with scores

Level 3

I pinged an email to Cloudhead Games to ask for clarification - I'll post a reply when they respond. 👍

Good idea....thanks👍