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Playing Doom 3 In VR With The Oculus Quest 2 Is AMAZING!

Heroic Explorer

Today I am checking out the recently released Doom 3 VR Mod for the Oculus Quest by Dr. Beef. I was so very excited to see this mod had been released since I have been a fan of Doom 3 for a very long time... I was blown away years ago when a similar mod was released for the BFG edition of the game on steam so to see this was now playable was great!

I absolutely cannot believe that Dr. Beef was able to squeeze so much out of the Oculus Quest 2 with this one but man lemme tell ya, Doom 3 looks, sounds, and runs so well you would think you were playing a native high end PC VR game! Now it does still have a few flaws like some of the camera angles being weird in a cut scene, and a few minor glitches here and there but overall just to have a classic game of this scale running completely stand alone on a mobile virtual reality headset with full room scale capabilities plus motion controller tracking and on top of that the ability to interact with the PDA, and many of the displays and lockers scattered around the world makes Dr. Beef's Doom 3 VR Mod freaking AMAZING!

So as I mentioned in the video for this to work your gonna need a few things... first you will need to grab a copy of SideQuest here: [](​ and once you have that installed and configured with your Quest 2 connected just follow the instructions on the SideQuest page. I will also copy/paste them here for those who don't want to go through the instructions link on the SideQuest Page but don't forget... you will still need to install SideQuest in any case.

Installing Doom3Quest:

We recommend doing all copy / move operations via the Sidequest App. Windows File System in combination with ADB has severe caching / synchronization issues and will often show files that no longer exist and not show files that have been moved.

Before attempting to start Doom3Quest you need to do the following: Purchase a copy of Doom 3 from this link: [](​ It's only $5 and you're gonna need to grab some files from the install folder.

Install the latest Doom3Quest version from the desktop SideQuest application

Run the game once through your Quest. The game will appear to start but fall straight back to the Oculus Home menu. However this will have created the necessary folder structure on your Quest

Locate the install of Doom3 on your PC, if installed from Steam then it will be somewhere like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamApps/common/Doom3/

Copy the following PK4 files from the installed Doom 3 game folder on your PC (in the base folder) to the /Doom3Quest/base folder (create the base folder if it doesn't exist) on your Oculus Quest whilst it is connected to the PC:














Remember - You have to have run Doom3Quest at least once for the Doom3Quest folder to be created and if you don't see it when you connect your Quest to the PC you might have to restart the Quest (or make sure the Sidequest App is open as this often forces the file system to appear).
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Loved this game back in the day, it's my favourite Doom game of the lot ???

I was just playing this on my lunch hour, and I managed to glitch into a place I wasn't supposed to be able to access. In Level 4 (Administration), there's a part where a zombie throws a barrel at you from a raised catwalk. I got up there by jumping on some of the nearby level geometry, which got me into the room where Swan and Kelly were (you're supposed to see them through a window later in the level). While I was trying to interact with them, an imp appeared and threw a fireball which killed both of them. I was able to pick up Kelly's BFG, which gives me that weapon much earlier than I should have gotten it.

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