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Quest 2 Wi-Fi Performance when Casting


Part of the reason behind my purchase of the Quest 2 was the casting to a TV so that other people can enjoy what is happening in VR, but using WiFi to cast means the images and sound on the TV are stuttering, and don't make for a good experience for observers.

Granted, I have to cast to my phone, then use Samsung SmartView to cast that to my Samsung TV, since the TV doesn't appear in the list of devices that I can cast to, and my current Nighthawk R700P AC2300 router is only WiFi 5.

The other reason was being able to use it with my PC using either a Link cable or Air Link. I did try Air Link Google Earth VR and No Man's Sky, but similar stuttering was happening, so I've ordered a Link cable believing that will resolve it, however I do like the idea of using Air Link for a VR experience in the living room, powered by my PC in the home office/gaming room.

My question then is, what options do I have?

1) Settings changes that would improve Wi-Fi casting performance without changing any hardware. What settings are those and where do I change them?
2) Update my router to an equivalent one supporting Wi-Fi 6, such as the Nighthawk RAX30, given that the Wi-Fi "speed" doesn't change (as it's still 2.5GHz and 5GHz), but there are more streams so other devices should have less impact.
3) Update my router to a triple band one supporting Wi-Fi 6, such as the Nighthawk RAX200, and configure the extra Wi-Fi 6 band for exclusive Quest 2 use.
4) Buy a dedicated 802.11ay router/ add-in card for the PC and enjoy 60GHz wireless speed, so long as the router / PC is in the same room as the headset? Or maybe one room over?

Personally, I'd like to go with 4), but 802.11ay seems to have gone the way of Betamax and HD DVD, replaced by 802.11ad. Certainly no mainstream router brands are making them that support that specification, but neither do they support 802.11ad either. Only MikroTik seem to have those, and predominantly for outdoor use. 802.11ad is also not compatible with 802.11ay, even if they are both 60GHz. I have to wonder why Oculus included such a vague and unsupported technology?

Is there an option 5) where Wi-Fi 6E can be retroactively added to a Quest 2? I understand that the Quest 2 "could" have supported the 6GHz band but didn't. Not sure if it's something that can be enabled by a firmware update.