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Quest 3 YouTube playback


I just got the Quest 3 yesterday and I am really disappointed. I like to watch 360 videos from YouTube and I do 360 videos as well. YouTube videos are so blurry and the Quest won't change the resolution above 1080 p

I have the Quest Pro and everything is fine because it is going up to 2160 p which is much better.

If there are no changes in the next 30 days I may return it despite other good things that these goggles offer this particular thing makes me turn away from them. I hope the developers do something about it. It is a shame the Pro is capable of playing back at 2160p and these new much-improved resolution goggles not.


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there, everyone! I appreciate you providing these details. I just heard back from our engineering team, and the best way to look into this issue further is to submit a bug report. This way, they can compile the data of what you're experiencing into one place, and they can better investigate this issue.

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This applies to most 2D and vr180 videos. A handful of videos (like Hugh Hou's new Barcelona vr video) work in 4K but most 4K videos only have up to 1080p options on Quest 3. The exact same videos work in 4K on Quest 2.

The oculus browser is only a workaround for 2D videos as it doesn't seem able to play 3d vr180 videos.

Hi @DrMinnericht  could you give an example of one of the videos that won't play in 4K but does in the Quest 2?


It’s the vast majority of them, but here are a couple I just tried:

vr180 example:

2d example:


I have a Quest 1 and a new Quest 3. I can watch a video in 1 at a 2160p but the same video in 3 only allows me to go to a 1080p.

There was a bug in the current browser version that impacted the codecs and their supported resolutions. This will be fixed in Quest Browser 30.x which will be released soon.

Also, Quest browser supports 180 videos by selecting the dropdowns in the fullscreen menu bar

Does that work for you? I tried that and it just stretched it into a 180 degree 2D video which doesn't look like vr180 (which needs to be 3D or it's more like sitting in a sideways planetarium than VR).

You can check vr180 from the left dropdown

I tried that, it just stretches the screen but doesn't make it 3D.