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Question regardig InsurgentVR (Directtorift.exe)

Level 2

Sorry if i sound to noob , I was trying to find the solution everywhere but couldn't found it , So i downloaded this game and i have no idea how to make it work on my Oculus with only This file.

Usually there is Directtorift.exe file in most of the games , But if there isn't any how to run them on Oculus DK2.

Level 4
Its made with Unreal Engine so no directtorift.exe. Just launching the .exe while rift is in extended mode (and maybe primary) works.

Level 15
You just click the exe file. It works in Direct mode (probably Extended too).
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Level 3
Yup tried it in both modes and works fine I think it s a first for me where there is no hassle on switching mode and setting primary secondary monitor thingy!