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Ragnarock VR Song Choices

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Okay, I know the game has been out for a while now, but I've been loving this game a lot! I'm a metalhead and when it comes to power metal, it just takes you into a new zone. Like watching your favorite anime battles when you were a kid or watching AMV's on YouTube when they were a thing. They were great!

Anyway, I'm curious to hear from people who also play this and wonder what some of your favorite tracks are to play through. For me, Drunken Dwarves by Wind Rose is great. It makes you feel like you're actually in a tavern having the time of your life with other dwarfs, and you're just having a blast.

For the DLCs, I'd have to say my favorite to play is Chaos Wizards from Gloryhammer. It's fast-paced, a story is being told, and it's one of those songs I mentioned before where you just really get into it.

What are some songs that you all love playing or want to be able to play one day?

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