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Release date Horizon Worlds in The Netherlands

Level 4

Good day,


I would like to know when Horizon Worlds is going to be released. As Horizon Venues is not longer available. It is installed on my quest 2 but when i click it reroutes me to horizon Worlds in the sore. ANd i get a fancy video on how cool Worlds is. But i cannot install it.


I saw that it was recently released in UK. And i have the feeling we are being put back in line. 


So i hope anyone can give me an update on when it will be released forThe Netherlands. We all don't want to miss the boat and start playing too.


Thank you in advance for any feedback.




Level 2

So… halfway October and still nothing. 
Come on now. It can’t be too difficult to switch it on for NL. 

They don't care and even marked this question as solved... 

We are all just human... share your respect and show your love.

I saw this after I posted this here:

Apparently it’s not going that well with Horizon. 

Would still be nice to be part of the development 

We are all just human... share your respect and show your love.



This question is not solved just yet. End of the summer? Man the leaves are allready falling of the tree's here.
Why can  nobody give an answer? 

You can put it back on NOT SOLVED

So its not happening right?

Level 2

Still not here  Come on meta  we want to play 2 

The HERE link does not work  and  do you have any news on when horizon will  roll out in the netherlands  ?  

@Donkey_Bubbels As of recently, there doesn't seem to be much of an update. However, the "Here" link would be referring to this blog post:


This is where you can stay up to date on Horizon Worlds as it expands.

Level 2

Same here. It is a bit disappointing to find out that Horizon Worlds can't be installed in the Netherlands. (If that is the case, of course... I haven't seen any roadmaps or specific promises.) I get it, the system probably doesn't work properly yet, so they are probably limiting the roll-out pace to a manageable speed and keep things testable. Whatever. But it isn't cool to exclude a country!


By the way, the store makes it seem as if you should be able to install it, but you can only 'add to wishlist'. If you go to the old Venues app, it clearly says that you should install worlds from a specific date. Please add that Worlds isn't available in the country one is in, that would likely help with managing expectations.