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Today, I attempted to use the Quest 3 to enhance my productivity. When using it in front of my computer, everything works smoothly as I can utilize my regular keyboard and mouse. However, I encountered an inconsistency: the Remote Desktop application only supports one screen. While there is a dedicated button to switch between screens, it keeps me within the "Quest" ecosystem, where I can run Spotify through the built-in browser, but the lack of a second screen option means I have to switch to Workrooms. In the "Workrooms" environment, it's not possible to have a browser or messenger running concurrently, which is quite limiting. It seems that I am dealing with two Meta applications that, together, only perform half of the desired tasks.

Driven by curiosity, I connected a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the headset. To my surprise, only the QWERTY layout is supported. Although I'm comfortable with QWERTY, AZERTY support would have been greatly appreciated. Navigating the Quest menu using the browser with my keyboard and mouse works wonderfully well, but when trying to access the Remote Desktop and Workrooms applications, I'm disappointed to find that the controls don't work. After scouring the options to no avail, I must express my frustration: by version V59 of the system, such basic features should be included. My call to the developers: focus less on producing countless versions of the metaverse and more on implementing fundamental system capabilities within the headset.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Louis! Thank you for your feedback regarding our updated software version 59. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they are helpful to our team of engineers when it comes to the updates for our software and devices. Our goal with our updates is to enhance your VR experience as much as possible. If you could please visit our Ideas Forum and submit your ideas/feedback on how we can improve your VR experience. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions, issues or concerns.



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