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[Rift] Looking for alpha testers for my falling block puzzle game Tetro Throw

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I'm planning to launch this into Early Access soonish. Anyone here interested in trying the current* build? (*The youtube video is showing an older one.)

If you like this type of game and always wondered how they would play if you could manipulate the blocks directly with your hands instead of buttons, just send me a message with the email address you use for your Oculus account and I will send you an invite.

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For Rift/S? Yes please!

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Sorry for the late reply. The game looks quite a bit different now and I since released a demo for Quest. Link is on my wall, forum won't let me post links yet.

I will bring that version to PC too eventually but in the meantime you can still play the earlier alpha I showed in the video. Just send me your email via private message and I'll invite you.