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Rock Band VR Connector and Oculus Touch 2 controllers

Level 2
So, I'm interested in purchasing Rock Band VR to play on my PC (through Oculus Link on my Quest 2), and I have a question regarding the VR connector that mounts to my guitar. Will the redesigned Touch controllers that came with my Quest 2 fit inside the adapter?

The reason I ask is that when I searched for gameplay/tutorial videos, the players were using the original Touch controllers designed for the original Rift, which look like they have a similar form factor to the Quest 2's controllers. However, I wanted to ask just to be safe. Thank you in advance.

Level 3

I checked this with Oculus support a while ago. Unfortunately the adapter does not fit the Quest 2 controller (only Rift). If you come across someone who has rigged up a 3d print of a modified Quest 2 controller let me know as I'd love to play more of this game with my Rock Band guitar.