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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Gear VR compatible confirmed

Level 3

Confirmed, I just connected the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to the Gear VR R322 and if it works, I had to make some modifications like: an adapter (micro usb - otg) and remove the slider to fit inside the glasses, given the dimensions of the smartphone. Once these tasks are done, the Galaxy S6 Active detects the Gear VR Oculus R322 as a mouse, by covering the proximity sensor, it activates the volume functions (they also serve as a way to scroll through the screens), the back button and the directional pad (including center button)

Confirmed with the Samsung Galaxy J320 (2016) to the Gear VR R322 and it works, apparently the secret is to connect the Gear VR with an OTG adapter and ensure that the smartphone is compatible with this connection mode. 

The tests were performed with the R322XXU0AOJ1 model, this information was obtained with the "USB Device Info" application. I leave a screenshot that corroborates it.

eScreenshot_20221106-213520.pngGear VR connected with OTG adapterGear VR connected with OTG adapterOculus appOculus app


Level 3

I urge everyone who owns a Gear VR to carry out these tests on smartphones other than those presented as compatible with the glasses.