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Shadow Point Glitch

Honored Guest

Hello! I am playing Shadow Point and I am stuck. I am on the purple crystal puzzle at the end of The Huntress. I am able to retrieve the sun figurine and advance to the antechamber where you have to flip/toggle the switch. But everytime I push the switch the chamber "whites out" and I return to the observation deck. Once there, the only option is to go back into the Huntress and do the purple crystal puzzle again. Please help! How do I advance?



Hi @buzz.unico 🙂

Although i played the game, I can't's already a few years ago.

There are other - much longer -  walkthrough on youtube.....look, if you are doing everything correctly.

It's also possible that you are facing a bug in the game.

 In that case I would try uninstall and reinstall the gam.....maybe/hopefully the bug is vanished then.

This walkthrough doesn't seem to have the purple crystal level. Possibly a bonus at the end of the chapter?

Maybe this helps?