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Skyworld due today

Level 7
From the makers of Arizona Sunshine too !

Have it on pre order but not even a countdown to when its downloadable ! (like there was for Arktica 1 for example).

Really looking forward to this one, about time there was a more in depth RTS in VR, hopefully its going to be great !.

Level 5
Is this coming to Oculus Home? I can only find it on Steam for Pre-Order thus far.

Level 15

Level 7
Still says preordered, available 17/10 but no countdown, guessing its 10am Pasific as usual.

Level 3
The Oculus website states that its available by 7pm CEST, which was almost an hour ago.... Preordered it some weeks back and now waiting to be able to dl. Hope it pops up soon, really

Level 3
Anyone else unable to start the game once launched? All I see is a table with a throne room, apparently there should be a book with the options on it?

Level 7
All worked fine for me once i got it downloaded (needed to restart Home to see the install button).

Must say, was very impressed, a turn based top level with RTS (MOBAish) combat. Reasonable amount of depth and tons of polish, just need to get the hang of it now :smiley: