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Super Candy Music Adventure (a Rift Game Jam result)

Level 2
Hey there! Great title, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

We developed this game during a Oculus Rift Game Jam over the period of one weekend. It is sort of an Exploration game, but also has some challenging parts. For us, it is also an Adventure; with super music and candy!

You have to find all the objects in a level which are able to make music. After you interacted with all of them (Gamepad-A, CTRL, or LMB), you have found the music of the level and are granted to proceed to the next level.

We wanted to develop a game for the Rift with dancing mushrooms. SCMA is the output of this intention. I've put it in the WiP-Forum, because altough it was developed for and during a jam, there will probably be some fixes and extensions, depending on how much you guys like the game.

So: Please leave your feedback here, and we will pick it up later!

Please wear your best headphones! We have put effort in sound feedback and music.

  • Interaction: Gamepad-A, CTRL, LMB (they all do the same thing, yes)

  • Walk: Gamepad-Left Stick, WASD

  • Walk faster / run: hold Gamepad-Left Trigger, SHIFT

  • Look around: Gamepad-Right Stick, Mouse


To start the game, just unzip the download and double-click the executable. It starts in the Rift resolution (1280x800). Don't forget to duplicate your screen.

  • Felix Gawron (Sound, Design)

  • Maximilian Menschel (Programming, Design)

  • Kristina Lanert (2D & 3D Artist)

  • Dennis Becker (Sound)

  • Till Gilsbach (Leveldesign)

  • Martin Beierling (Programming, Leveldesign)

We are mostly students, who wanted to create a game for the Rift.

Level 7
Interesting premise! I turned on the three mushrooms that were highlighted by the sparkly particle thing, and enjoyed the music they pumped out. I like how the 2nd mushroom actually pulsates with the music. That's the dancing mushroom right there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I got stuck at the first door though. The sparkly particle thing had moved there but nothing I did would open the door. Did I miss something?

Thanks for sharing this game!

Also, what is this Rift Game Jam you participated in? There was another jam? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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Level 2
Hey drash, thank you for your feedback! Nice to hear that you enjoyed it, even if you just played couple of seconds ๐Ÿ˜„

In the first room, you actually have to turn on the three mushrooms and the two cupcakes.

In every room, any asset (Mushrooms, Cupcakes and some other) could have music in it. There should be a sound feedback, if you are near an asset that can be activated.

Let me know if you can get through the first room with this advice, and if you wish an "easy mode" where any asset that can be activated is somehow highlighted.

The Jam was actually just a self-organized event at one location (Duisburg, Germany). All participants just wanted to create a game for the Rift and experience VR for themselves.

Level 2
Really cool game, well done.

Level 3
Looks very interesting music related games in the rift are great! Downloading now.

Level 15
This was fun.
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Level 2
I'm surprised this didn't get more love.. this is a fantastic demo.

Anyone that hasn't tried this I urge you to give it a go!

Not applicable
Wow, the moment when the lights went on in the first room with the music all around was beautiful.

Now, taking aside from the fact that you guys must have smoked some good stuff while creating this (or maybe, one should have smoked good stuff, when playing this), I honestly have to say I really enjoyed this short game really much. Also, in the UBER-Level, when I was climbing towards the exit, that was literally the first my fear of heights kicked in in the rift, so-well done!

Looking forward to more stuff from you shroom-guys^^