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The Climb $25 on 24-hour sale

Level 9
Wow I'm pretty impressed with this game. It's kept me quite entertained and it feels the most triple A'ish so far. You can tell it's from a well established game dev company. If you own Touch and have good shoulders I recommend it!

Level 8
I just don't get how you could feel more immersed sitting still or standing with a controller, than to actually move your arms at least. Also foot controls doesn't work in my opinion, you can't do anything meaningful with them, trying to manouver with both feet and arm control would be difficult.

Level 9

Mellzor said:

I'll say it again.
Touch is NOTHING like the controller.

With touch you move the world around you.
It kinda feels like the world is a balloon you can stick to your belly and push it down.

Touch takes away ALL the immersion.

You don't get motion sick, because you dont move.

I can't believe no-one is mentioning the weird ass feeling with Touch + the Climb.

Anyhow; motion sickness - Will be there if you use controller, and game will be the best and most immersive playing this way.

With touch there is no motion and all sense of movement, height en size are gone.

so sad panda  :'(

thats why theres this thing called suspension of disbelief. did you really expect to feel as if you are pulling yourself up against gravity?

ive played the game with touch and i love it, would never have played it otherwise.
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Level 4
When I play with a controller, I get the motion / vertigo feeling, and I love it.

I think for me the problem here is that it's too realistic, and not feeling the actual weight / pressure while pulling myself up my brain instantly comes to the conclusion that its actually the world moving around me.

I would describe it like moving a piece of paper in front of you to get another part of it in your field of view.

When I use the controller, it actually feels as if the character is moving, possibly because I get a bit more of a cockpit feeling, and I can somehow trick my brain easier because I'm not actually making movements.

Its just very hard to explain.

Moving yourself with your hands only will give the sensation of a moving world, and its very specific to this game.

Its as described in this thread:

Perhaps there is someway to remedy this issue with certain kind of physics / animations / vibrations etc.
Since simulating a cockpit works to get a vertigo feeling, there must be some method to make moving with hands feel more immersive as well right ?

Would, for example, seeing your arms legs and feet as well alleviate this disbelief ?

Anyway, its not like I'm bashing the game.
But its just that I never even thought about this, did not expect it, and have not experienced it in any other vr game before, and really hope there's some way to make it feel more real.

Oh well sorry if I infected anyone with this :disappointed:

Level 8
Funny how we can percieve things so differently. Anyway all those things you mention would have to be optional, cause to me they sound immersion breaking. I don't think you can't get it substantially more immersive, but who knows. I can definitely understand what  your saying though, and I can imagine that it must be a big annoyance.

Level 12
I really like it - and imo it's just so much more intuitive with Touch controllers. Only thing that has changed for the worse is how often my "virtual" head intersects with the terrain, causing an incredibly frustrating black screen with text.

It pretty much happens every time I jump. Because of this I've started taking the long alternate routes pretty often. :angry:

EDIT: Btw, replaying the first mountains with the goal to beat the Oculus friends I connected with via the "D&B friends thread" has really motivated me :smile:
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